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Guess what? We have made it to Best Escape Rooms in Denver, Colorado

If you are looking for something new and exciting to do on a night out, something different than your usual routine, look no further than the 5280 Room, a quiz room where a group of people must solve riddles and puzzles to successfully exit the room. Such games require teamwork, critical thinking, and time-management skills that might not be used in an outing at the bar, or during a round of miniature golf. In addition to this, the escape quest is a live-action game, requiring people to engage instead of sitting and gaming in front of a television. So step outside the box and into the quest room for a night of adventure and excitement!

Escape games are good for all personality-types and for all ages. Every different personality that comes to play will be able to provide a different insight to how the puzzles should be solved and how the game should be won. All ages can provide similar variations in ideas too. An older friend might have a time-proven way they use to solve a puzzle, while a child might be more inclined for a new and different idea. An introvert might have a different idea than an extrovert. A woman might even have a different idea than a man! The game will require the meshing of personalities and cognitive-thinking processes in order to escape the room in the required time, and such teamwork can not be so easily developed in other extracurricular settings. Depending on who you choose to accompany you, you may be with a group of your friends or, if you choose only one or two friends to accompany you, you might make new friends who will be placed in the room with you! Who knows, a stranger’s ideas might be the key to figuring out your escape!

quiz room DenverDenver quiz roomEscape rooms come in a variety of designs, themes, and layouts for a unique experience for everyone! Even if you, or a member of your group, have gone to an escape room before, ours is guaranteed to be a new experience for you with puzzles and riddles like you have never seen before! Currently, 5280 Room, a Denver quiz room, has two different themed rooms, with a third themed room opening in the near future. The Dark Room is a puzzle room that is mystery themed. You must discover the secret of what happened in the room and escape! The Experiment Room is a science-themed room about a phenomenal discovery made by a scientist, which you would think would be great! But if that is the case, then why would you need to escape? Come find out! Our room opening soon is called the “Weird Heritage” room, and will feature a story based off of a surprising inheritance.

by Alex Kurylin