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Puzzle room or quizz room Denver

Let’s talk about teamwork in the sense of its concept application to live escape games.  Once again, we go to Google for our definition of teamwork: “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.”  One of the best parts of this definition is the ending.  Teamwork is best when it is both effective and efficient.  Both of these words play largely into the escape game.  Let’s focus on each one individually, and then look at them as a whole.

Effective teamwork is largely due to collaboration and communication skills amongst a group of people.  While there is typically a naturally dominant voice in the room, it is essential for that voice not to overpower each individual.  While one person might organize a process, it is vital for them to listen to the input of others, allowing for effective decisions to be made based off of a wide variety of ideas.  Now, in addition to collaboration leading to effective teamwork, communication is also a key factor.  Each participant must be vocal about clues, ideas, and observations, as each of these will be unique to each individual.  Puzzle room especially is going to need such qualities out of each individual for the goal to be attainable.  In addition to speaking up on thoughts, one must be able to listen equally well in order for success.  All ideas must be considered thoroughly and thoughtfully for the goal to be achieved.

Efficient teamwork is also necessary for a live escape to be successful.  The participants must put their heads together and organize themselves in a way that they can solve the clandues within the 5280 Room.  They need to collaborate their skills and be in tune with each other to accomplish the goal of exiting the quiz room within an hour.

Team building is good for several types of groups and everyone involved can benefit.  Whether you are going with coworkers, friends, a spouse, or even strangers, each relationship can benefit from the intense interaction.  When you work on an escape quest with your coworkers, you will develop applicable strategies for “crunch time” within the hour that can be used for real-time situations at your job.  With friends, you will share laughs and problem-solving, learning more about each other and enjoying yourself!  With a spouse, or potential spouse, you may be better able to tell how you will be able to act together under stressful situations.  Ultimately, your teamwork skills can only benefit from the 5280 Room.