Owning a Room 5280 provides you an opportunity to partner with an industry leader whose sales grow more and more annually. Do not let the competitive nature of the industry stifle you. Our concept is unlike any other.

Why choose us?

Low startup costs with fast ROI potential.
High profit margins.
Fun and easy to run.
No ordering, no merchandise to sell,
no cash to deal with.
Low overhead. We have optimized everything to perfection.
Profits grow year-to-year with the growth of the popularity of your escape room.
Great timing – escape rooms are the fastest growing segment in the entertainment industry.
Amazing rooms! Room 5280 holds the highest Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor ratings in Colorado.
Be an owner operator or hire help. No need to deal with employees if you do not want to!
Turnkey operation: you will receive successful games (produced and installed), website, all tools, training and support.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Step 14 days
Franchise Agreement
Feel free to contact us - we are just a phone call away!
Step 7-30 days
Location, Location, Location!
We will assist you with finding a
perfect spot for your business!
Step 15-30 days
We Build Your Rooms
We design, produce, install and test your escape rooms!
Step 7 days
Learn how to run a successful
escape room business!
Yes, you are open!
And so the journey begins! We are always there for you as your business continues to grow.


Questions? Call 303-744-1008


This website and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. There are certain states that require the registration of a FDD before the franchisor can advertise or offer the franchise in that state.
This franchise may not be registered in all registration states and may not offer franchises to residents of those states or to persons wishing to locate a franchise in those states until compliance guidelines are met. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


My friends and I had so much fun. We tried out The Experiment, which was super interesting and challenging. The clock started to run down but we made it out with 11 minutes to spare. Will definitely have to try another one!
Kendall Snow
Kendall Snow
13:19 11 Mar 18
We had a lot of fun escaping the experiment room. Very cool concept. Each puzzle led to next until we escaped. Can't wait to try the other rooms. Highly recommend for a hour of fun!
Drew Miles
Drew Miles
02:50 16 Jan 18
We did Weird Heritage and the Dark Room and they were both awesome! We definitely needed some help to get going but it was so much fun. The puzzles were all really unique and the backstories were cool. I was worried initially that some of the people in the group wouldn’t be into it but everyone had a lot of fun. Also, because the tasks were so varied, everyone got their moment to be the “hero” since we’re all good at different things. It was a really great group activity that I highly recommend.
Kaitlin Bair
Kaitlin Bair
04:43 30 Dec 17
This place is AMAZING! The puzzles were hard, but fun! The owner/operator was extremely kind and helpful. I would recommend ROOM 5280 for anyone 12 and older. I will definitely be coming back :)
Joelle Rudder
Joelle Rudder
19:39 13 Jan 18
So much fun!! Best escape room I've done yet. Perfect combination of tangible puzzles along with word riddles. I can't wait to go back!
Shannon Guerra
Shannon Guerra
00:50 29 Jan 18
This was my first time doing an escape room with our friends, and it was so creative, fun, intriguing, and innovative! Lots of laughs and screams, very exciting and exhilarating! Our host was awesome and very comedic, he made it so fun. Definitely would recommend this for anyone!
Lauren Kimberly Scheller
Lauren Kimberly Scheller
03:34 17 Mar 18
Our family was in town and looking for something to do to kill some time. We did the experiment room and had a great time. Our host was very good and amusing. We did escape with a few hints from the host. It was the first escape room experience for most in our group, and they all loved it. I would highly recommend.
Amber Crowley
Amber Crowley
06:57 08 Apr 18
We had such a great time that we did two rooms. We'll definitely be going back to do the rest. The front door puzzle was by far the hardest.
Jason McWilliams
Jason McWilliams
01:24 02 Apr 18
We came for our company party and it was SO awesome! They accommodated us in all of the best ways. Our host was amazing, funny, and very helpful!(🤫) will be back!! #weescaped
Kodi Wadginski
Kodi Wadginski
03:19 07 Apr 18

How to Start Your Own Escape Room Franchise

You have engaged in recreation a rare escape meets, and you are hooked. You consider, “the lone thing superior than playing escape meets would be constructing my individual!” Predict what, you are not on your own! Nearly every escape room worker began his or her corporate because of an eccentric room escape involvement. However now that you recognize what you need to do, where do you begin?

Do your research
So you have got a hint. You are possibly by this time planning your first room escape franchise in your mind. You are happy, and you cannot postpone getting in progress. We understand it. But we are going to inquire you to hold up just a little. Making a business work is a huge stage. It is a deal of time, money, tolerance, and did we say money? Earlier you hurdle in and begin expenditure, it is vital that you study everything you can about the business.

Start with a Test Run

Initially, think through ruling out if you like planning, making, and organizing an escape room on a minor measure before you obligate to constructing this your living. Escape room franchise offers all the info and means you want to set of connections and host an escape journey for your families and friends. This is a decent initial step. It may appear like a load of effort, but it is nowhere close the total of effort it will require to start your private corporate! You will discover that the escape room communal is occupied with caring and helpful individuals who honestly care about the business and the persons in it. They are normally further than eager to answer queries and give information if you request.

Escape Room Budget
Your Escape Room financial plan is at main of economic scheduling for your plan. A low cost franchise should be your goal. Deprived of accurate scheduling you threat to come to an end of money before you even begin. You will require a financial plan. This guide must aid you make a financial plan:

How to Create a Simple Business Budget

A bit of guidance; there will continuously be some unpredicted spending. Stuffs break and persons leave. You might modify your path at time. Make definite you influence in all the uncertainties that might disturb your corporate. Focus to create an inexpensive franchise.

Rent payment is working to be one of the chief fixed prices. Place frequently does have major influence on achievement of your corporate. You require certain investigation earlier you can agree on place. While looking for a location for your business, try to look for escape room business for sale or the escape rooms for sale.

Here are the queries you have to question yourself earlier you select a perfect place for your Escape Room:

  • Where are my rivals placed?
  • Am I aiming residents or traveller or both?
  • How calm is it accessible by car or public transportation?
  • Is there a car park near?
  • Is it inside the traveller region?
  • Does the property-owner appreciate your corporate?

Look for area in the city center, inside the region where travellers generally go.

Look for these features:

  • Inconveniently situated
  • Basement flooring
  • Small or no openings
  • Entry is not from the main road
  • Huge space, but numerous minor rooms as a substitute of one large open area
  • Requires severe renovation

All of above will drop the expense and while having windows might be significant for a shop, they are unconditionally unusable to you in maximum of the situations.