Room Escape Colorado!

  Everyone wants a little pizzazz in their life. Something exciting, new, and different. It is simply human nature to crave a life of adventure! At some point in time, life can seem stagnant, and it is natural to want some excitement, and something to mix up the 9-5 or 40-hour work week most of us are all accustomed to. On the flip side, everyone has a hobby; something to keep them occupied and something to keep them alert and…

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Colorado Escape Rooms

For this article, we are going to discuss life and the freedom of choice and how it relates to Colorado escaping the room. Let’s talk about how we have a select number of moments in our lives and a select number of days to spend these moments. We are lucky enough to get to choose who we spend our time with and what to do with the time we have. We are lucky enough to have the cognitive processing to…

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Room escape games Colorado
Team Building Colorado

Escape Rooms Colorado – Team Building Colorado

Colorado is a raEscape Room Livepidly growing, beautiful state. Each and every day people are moving here, growing the population and bringing new ideas and businesses to the local culture. The stat itself is known for several things, including the mountains, lakes, rivers and overall amazing views. It is also known for our fantastic sports teams, including the Broncos, champions of Superbowl 50, the Nuggets basketball team, or even the National League participants, the Colorado Rockies. It goes without saying…

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Quiz Room 5280 – Denver Live Escape Games

Denver quiz room Guess what? We have made it to Best Escape Rooms in Denver, Colorado If you are looking for something new and exciting to do on a night out, something different than your usual routine, look no further than the 5280 Room, a quiz room where a group of people must solve riddles and puzzles to successfully exit the room. Such games require teamwork, critical thinking, and time-management skills that might not be used in an outing at the…

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Escape games AKA Escape Rooms

Locked Inside Escape Room What is the Escape Game? Escape Room games are live-action puzzle games that originated in Japan by a man named Takao Kato approximately eight years ago in 2008. The games caught on quickly, and within a few years escape games were found in several new countries. This trend most recently came to America, which is where Room 5280 comes in. Essentially, escape games consists of a small team of individuals who complete logical- and critical thinking-based…

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A Brief History of Escape Rooms

Room Escape Adventures Sometime in 2007 a man by the name of Takao Kato saw a girl playing an online escape game. Kato was already looking for ideas for some sort of new, exciting event. He figured that if people get hooked on virtual escape rooms, they might like the real ones, too. “When we held the first event in Kyoto, Japan, all we had was a small ad in a classifieds paper,” Kato wrote in a recent article. “In no…

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Five Things That Will Surprise You About Your First Quest Room Experience

Quest room Denver If you’ve never been to an escape room before, here are some things you might not expect. (1) You will bond with your team, even if you don’t know them. If your first visit to a quest room is a corporate bonding exercise, a bachelorette party activity with your best friends, or a cross-generational family outing – you’ll be surprised to discover a new level or cooperation with your teammates, even if you’ve known them for years. If you go alone…

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An Escape From Escapism

Challenge Escape Rooms If videogames are an “escape from reality”, if Pokemon Go is an “augmented reality”, and if Occult Rift is a “virtual reality”, then escape rooms are just “reality”. Your gamemaster might give you an elaborate background story to set the stage, or it might be your job to figure it out yourself. Either way, there are no avatars, there is no lag, there are no cheat codes, and you can’t pause and save. There’s only you, your…

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