Booking Information


You may purchase Room 5280 tickets up to one hour before the scheduled time. When bookings become available they fill up fast. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have everyone in your group purchase their tickets quickly. Alternatively, you can have one person purchase all the tickets for the entire group.

Number of Players Per Game

Maximum number of players range from 6 to 10 people depending on the room. If you have more players than what is available, please contact us for assistance.


1640 Logan St - Free 2 hour reserved parking directly behind the building.
142 W 5th Ave - Free 2 hour street parking in front of the building.

Company Events, Birthday Parties, Reunions

We gladly host events for bigger groups and special occasions. Simply call us 303-744-1008 or send us an e-mail to We would be glad to hear from you!

Payment Method

Currently we accept only online credit card payments at the time you book your reservations. Pricing based on per person admission.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled game time.
Please arrive at the correct location.

Challenging escape experience . Strategy

Strategy is a life-skill that is inevitably developed over time that allows one to handle real-life, real-time stressful situations. The challenging escape experience will not be easy, and you will have to strategize with your teammates the best way to figure out the puzzle with the clues provided. Whether these situations are stressful for short periods of time, or stressful for long periods of time, we develop various strategies to cope with the different external stimuli thrown our way.  Stresses come in all different ways too; physical stress, emotional stress, or psychological stress can all happen in an instant from several aspects of your life.  Strategy, or having a plan, is a way of coping with these stresses.  A great way to test your strategic skills for real-world situations is by testing them in an escape experience.

Strategy can be viewed from several different angles.  Physical strategy may include choosing a diet that accomplishes a long term goal; for example, eating a complex-carbohydrate meal of pasta before running a marathon.  Physical strategy may also include attempting to regulate your stress level under a high-pressure situation by taking deep breaths and intensely focusing on the goal at hand.  This latter strategy may be used in a game situation.  With only sixty minutes of time available, you and a group must strategically manage your stress to figure out the game succesfully. Only twenty percent of people can do it… can you?

Another form of strategy is utilizing cognitive thinking to both manage your time, and figure out the clues provided in the room.  This will require each individual to come up with their own personal strategy to figure out clues, and then combine said strategy with the thoughts and ideas of the other teammates involved in the game.  Similar to militaristic protocols and ideals, gaming rooms will require teammates to come up with a “game plan” and strategies to find the key to lead them to their “freedom” from the room.  This could require a more outspoken teammate to lead the team, or a softer spoken teammate to truly speak up.

There are advantages to doing a live game with others.  If you are with coworkers, you might have to strategize in ways that you wouldn’t in a normal work environment that everyone is familiar with.  You might have to step out of the box and come up with a unique strategy that nobody had thought of before.  This in turn could lead to strategic benefits on-the-job.  If you are working with strangers your own personal strategy might be different in order to fit in with the new group of individuals you are unfamiliar with.

Ultimately, strategy skills can be developed in the 5280 Room that can be applied to, and benefit, real-world situations.